The Ultimate Moving And Storage Guide

  • 3 Ways To Simplify The Moving Process

    2 February 2017

    Moving out of your current home and into a new one can often be a very complicated and stressful process, so it only makes sense to take whatever steps that you can to simplify things. Listed below are three ways to simplify your move. Buy Actual Moving Boxes One of the easiest ways to simplify the moving process is to buy actual moving boxes instead of using whatever cardboard boxes that you may have lying around or that you can scrounge from friends and family.

  • What To Remember When Moving Mirrored Furniture

    14 July 2016

    When it comes to sophistication and style, few things can deliver quite like mirrored furniture. While it's not exactly a new style of furniture, in recent years its popularity has definitely soared. With all its sparkle, when it comes time to move, this furniture does pose a bit of a challenge. If you own one of these pieces, failure to properly protect and transport it will lead to a disaster. Make sure you know what to do to protect your furniture.

  • Five Things That Will Make Packing For An International Move A Lot Easier

    20 April 2016

    If you're about to start packing because you're going to move to another country, you are no doubt staring at everything you own and wondering where to begin. Packing for an international move is a special kind of packing because you're dealing with freight and moving costs that are normally above and beyond what a local move would cost. That means you need to be very selective in what you take with you.

  • Transitioning Your Child From High School To College: How Local Moving Companies Can Help

    18 September 2015

    As your (technically) adult children move out of your home and go off to college, you may be wondering how you are going to get all of their stuff out of the bedroom. You may even be dreading the boxing and packing up process. If you would rather have someone else do most of the work to transition your child from post-high school to the college dorm room, you are in luck.

  • Four Tips For Moving On A Cold Winter Day

    4 August 2015

    Many people try to avoid moving in the dead of winter, but sometimes you have no choice. If you find yourself packing to move to a new residence while the snow is flying and the thermometer is dipping below zero, follow these tips to ensure you and your things make it through the endeavor in one piece. Put plenty of salt out the night before. Salt takes some time to effectively melt ice and snow.

  • 3 Reasons To Use Your Storage Unit As An Office Workspace

    24 July 2015

    America was established, in part, because of the entrepreneurial spirit of those who came to the country while it was still new. This entrepreneurial spirit survives today, with over 20 million non-employer businesses in operation as of 2013. If you work for yourself, then you understand the need for a dedicated workspace. While an in-home or rented office could suffice, opting to convert your storage unit into a workspace could be even more beneficial.

  • Keeping Pests Out Of Your Storage Unit

    14 July 2015

    If you are going to be placing items in a self storage facility, you will want to do whatever it takes to keep pests from invading your space. Mice and insects can cause havoc to items in storage as they can be present for a long period if someone is not checking on the contents inside to remove them. To avoid the worry of your belongings getting ruined, use the following precautions when you place your items inside the unit.